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#ifndef __I18N_H__
#define __I18N_H__

/// \file i18n.h
/// Locale related functions

#include <string>

/// Description of current locale 
00013 class Locale
        std::wstring language;
        std::wstring country;
        std::wstring encoding;
        /// Load locale
        /// Copy constructor
        Locale(const Locale &locale);

        /// Get current country.
00029         const std::wstring& getCountry() const { return country; };
        /// Get current language.
00032         const std::wstring& getLanguage() const { return language; };
        /// Get current encoding.
00035         const std::wstring& getEncoding() const { return encoding; };

        void parseLocale(const std::wstring &name);

// split file name to file name, extension, language name and country
// for exmaple, "story_ru_RU.txt" shoud be splited to
// name="story", extension="txt", language="ru", country="RU"
void splitFileName(const std::wstring &fileName, std::wstring &name,
        std::wstring &ext, std::wstring &lang, std::wstring &country);

// calculate relevance score between language, country and
// current locale
int getScore(const std::wstring &lang, const std::wstring &country,
        const Locale &locale);

extern Locale locale;


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