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#ifndef __STREAMS_H__
#define __STREAMS_H__

#include <fstream>
#include <list>

/// Read utf-8 file and convert it to wide characters
00010 class UtfStreamReader
        /// Pointer to file stream
00014         std::ifstream *stream;

        /// Push back buffet
00017         std::list<wchar_t> backBuf;
        /// Create utf-8 stream reader.
        /// \param stream pointer to file stream.
        UtfStreamReader(std::ifstream *stream);
        /// Destructor

        /// Read next unicode character.
        wchar_t getNextChar();

        /// Push back character.
        /// \param ch character to push back
        void ungetChar(wchar_t ch);

        /// Check if end of file reached.
        bool isEof();


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